Say no to the Liberal Payroll Tax
The Problem
This week, the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals will introduce more taxes and red tape that will put more people out of work -- A so-called “Ontario Retirement Pension Plan,” funded by payroll taxes, deductions the province takes directly off your paycheque.
Kathleen Wynne knows that new payroll taxes will have a devastating effect on jobs. We have confidential documents from her own Ministry of Finance warning that payroll taxes will have “the largest negative impact on employment”.
What Others Are Saying
Job creators agree with the Ministry of Finance – new payroll taxes will only cost us more jobs.
“As with increased income taxes the prime concern with payroll taxes was economic in nature. For many groups and organizations, the tool was seen negatively as a tax on employment...”
TRBOT, “A Green Light to Moving the Toronto Region: Paying for Public Transportation Expansion” March 2013
“…an employer payroll tax could discourage firms from hiring new employees.”
OCC, “The $2 Billion Question: GTHA Business Opinion on Funding the Big Move” May 2013
“Contemplating new forms of taxation to add to that burden will not make these businesses more competitive, nor will it increase their ability to create more jobs for Ontarians.”
CFIB letter to the Transit Investment Strategy Advisory Panel, November 2013
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Our Plan
It is time to put jobs first, not more taxes. Ontario needs competent economic management and a Premier with a laser-like focus on new and better jobs.
Our Million Jobs Plan will provide lower taxes, ensure affordable energy and reduce the regulatory burden in Ontario.
I’m signing my name to stand against this

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